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Solidarity Statements

Indonesia: Solidarity Message to the Indian People’s Struggle!

Stop Green Hunt Military Operation by the Government of India!

Long live international solidarity!

Currently, military and police forces of the Indian state, supported by para-military organizations, have conducted a brutal offensive to crush the resistance of the poor native peasants (adivasis) who defend their land and wish to survive in their homeland under humane conditions.


We would like to assert our strong protest against Operation Green Hunt that is being conducted by the Government of India to escalate military intervention against the indigenous people in the forested regions of East-Central India. The Green Hunt military operation already endangers the lives and livelihoods of millions of the poorest people living in those areas, resulting in massive displacement, destitution and human rights violations of ordinary citizens, especially the indigenous people.

People all over the world are aware of the fact that the territory where the Green Hunt military offensive is taking place is very rich in natural resources like minerals, forest wealth and water, and has been the target of large scale appropriation by several Indian and foreign corporations. The resistance of the local indigenous people against their displacement and dispossession has in many cases prevented the government-backed corporations from making inroads into these areas and has thankfully impeded the setting-up of ecologically disastrous industries. We fear that the government's on-going military offensive is an attempt to crush such popular resistance in order to facilitate the entry and operation of these corporations and to pave the way for unbridled exploitation of the natural resources and the people of these regions.

The International League of People's Struggle (ILPS) Indonesia, an alliance of democratic, anti-imperialist mass organizations, supports the heroic and just struggle of the Indian people and condemns the reactionary and anti-people ruling classes in India that hand in hand with the imperialist powers are hell bent on using brute force to crush the people's resistance. We stand with the people's struggle in India.  ILPS Indonesia demands:

1) Stop the Operation Green Hunt and withdraw all armed forces from East-Central India.

2) The Government of India should engage with the civil society mediated initiatives for peace negotiations with representatives of civil society organization in order to address the grievances of the common people.

3) Cancellation all Memoranda of Understanding (MoU-s) signed with different corporations, for the extraction of natural resources from the vast areas of East-Central India.

4) Repeal all of repressive laws like Unlawful Activity (Prevention) Act, Chhattisgarh Special Public Security Act, and Armed Forces Special Powers Act!
5) Release all political prisoners!
6) Disband all state-assisted vigilante groups like the Salwa Judum in Chhattisgarh and Harmad Bahini in West Bengal.
7) Uphold the law and democratic right of the people for humane treatment and better people's lives and livelihood!

Long live international solidarity!

Support the resistance of people in India!

Down with the imperialists and their puppets!

August, 2010

ILPS Indonesia